Channel Zero #10: "I Think Worrall Thompson Should Be Shot and Eaten By Lions, In That Order"

by Rathe on Monday, 9 January 2012

Today's a fun day for us, because it's not very often we get a piece of news like today's revelation that well-liked television chef Antony Worrall Thompson has been shoplifting cheese and wine from his local Henley Tesco - one of the more insignificant crimes committed by one of the more increasingly forgotten-about chefs, yet still apparently news-worthy. It's fascinating purely because it reminds you that you really thought you knew someone; or at least their one-dimensional telly personality - of all the British chefs who'd I'd expect to be caught shoplifting, I'd at least hope it was Nigel Slater, because that actually would liven him up in the public eye. Caught nicking a copy of Die Hard 2, or some tampons, or something.

Look as he remorselessly grins through the teeth he used to chew up the cheese that he stole - truly, there is no circle of Hell deep enough for men of his ilk.

And It's a Girl

by Indiana… on Tuesday, 18 October 2011

As you've no doubt noticed TCFTD hasn't been updated as often as every I or Rathe would like: too many interesting stories have come and gone with out a mention here or on the TCFTD twitter feed, being too substantial for a mere "Look at this" on Twitter and not quite long lived enough for a full blown editorial. In future these stories will be live at The Course.

On This Day: Posterity in the Internet Age

by Indiana… on Thursday, 13 October 2011

Four score and seven internet ages ago—also known as one earth year—you were as inane as you are today, if not more so, it seems inconceivable…but Facebook tells me it is so.

Shameless Plugs are the Best Apologies

by Indiana… on Thursday, 1 September 2011


So…hmm apparently I write here, as you can see after my long hiatus I am rather out of practice at this 'blogging'  phenomena, so in exchange I bring you word of aural delights from across the 'intersea' crafted by my own fair hands…my debut album 'Emergence'

Guide To Acting: The David Caruso Way

by Rathe on Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Alright, so, against my will, more or less, I have been forced to watch, of all things, CSI: Miami a lot lately (you know how days in with the family can be). I can't be the only one in the world who only watches the show up until the Daltrey scream just to see the one-liner.

Sadly, weeks of this have led to one of my unhealthiest obsessions yet: David Caruso. I've been paying far more attention to the way the man carries himself as Horatio Caine than I have actually watching the plots unfold. And so, on the basis of some very haphazardly-scheduled episodes across multiple seasons, I present to you, the Official TCFTD Guide To Acting: The David Caruso Way! Shades at the ready, it's time to crack some jokes and skulls!

Thoughts From The Front #1 The Good, The Bad, The Average and The Unique

by Indiana… on Sunday, 10 July 2011

There are plenty of sites compiling the best of whatever any particular niche or sub genre has turned over this week. But here at TCFTD we often find ourselves regularly reading these posts in the first place for the comments. So without further ado we present the best in the weeks funny, dissident opinions: line them up, laugh at them, take them out back and have them quietly shot.

A Fistful of Ideas #1 We Defy Augery, A Rejection of Replays

by Indiana… on Saturday, 9 July 2011

It is not often I write to dispute, especially not with Andy Graham of Frozen Synopsis since I feel he gives generally good advice, at a pace that is rapidly exceeding our own, and would recommend new Frozen Synapse players read his blog. Indeed this is less a critique of his article, rather the phenomenon his article reminded me of.

The replay, in place of the after action report, has risen to dominance and prominence in our gaming culture with the rise of video sharing on sites like youtube but what does it actually offer to a player, particularly a competitive one.