And It's a Girl

by Indiana… on Tuesday, 18 October 2011

As you've no doubt noticed TCFTD hasn't been updated as often as every I or Rathe would like: too many interesting stories have come and gone with out a mention here or on the TCFTD twitter feed, being too substantial for a mere "Look at this" on Twitter and not quite long lived enough for a full blown editorial. In future these stories will be live at The Course.

The Course covers this middle ground and will act as a sister site to TCFTD covering a greater range of stuff under a broader remit but have no fear TCFTD will live on. This will become an inverted Twitter of sorts, 140 words or more of considered deliberation on issues that interest us…though don't hold us on the 140 words, we just like lazy jokes.

Here's to a more prolific future, hopefully this arrangement should work better for every one.

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