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Neck Beards in Three Stages

Indiana |ˈɪndɪˈanə|
An imposing, hulking demon of a man who, beneath his love of army paraphernalia and calligraphy equipment, has a deep seated love of music in all its forms; strategy games of only the most complex order (StarCraft; Frozen Synapse; Connect-4); and modern cinema (favourites include Taxi Driver, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Taxi Driver, The Duellists, and Taxi Driver).

He lives by his creed: "Weakness is its own punishment."

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Rathe |reɪð|
The kind of man you read about in books—the low quality penny dreadful kind, Rathe spends an inordinate amount of time partaking in only the finest of terrible media. His favoured vices relate mainly to the printed page and the silvered screen; like cancer blossoming, Rathe is his own punishment.

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TCFTD |tiːsiːɛftiːdiː|

A Sisyphean endeavor to establish a geo-synchronous orbit around the shark. 

While we may not be two dope boys in a cadillac —or even sensitive artiste´sme and this other fella hopefully have some pretty neat little critiques on cinema, video games, music, books, and other twee little distractions to share… so humour us awhile, you never know what you might find.

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