Willful Ignorance: The Joy Of

by Rathe on Saturday, 18 June 2011

So, E3 came and went with the awkward passing reminiscent of a postman your wife once had an affair with. It's strange. I loved last year's E3. Primarily being a Nintendo fan, I was very excited by the prospect of the 3DS. It seemed like something fun; a real event with lots of good things being announced (read: more sequels for the easily impressed; read: me). Yet here I am, a year after its announcement, two months after its release, still without one and interest levels in owning one remaining as low as ever. I don't even have the initial enthusiasm for the WiiU I did for the 3DS.

This got me to thinking. Between Indiana and myself, TCFTD owns neither a PS3 or a 360 (donation addresses available upon request). I'm the only one with a current-gen console, and the last game I bought for it was in January - tellingly, that was GoldenEye, a remake of a bloody N64 game. PC gaming is just about the most recent thing we stay on top of, and even then, that's just Indy. Without even trying, we - or at the very least, I - am willfully ignorant of current videogames. Sure, I keep up to date on what's happening, and I've been buying NGamer for about nine years, but I've stopped actively participating. The last system I consistently bought new releases for - ones that I'd pre-ordered, even - was the Game Boy Advance. We both have bloody ancient phones, for Christ's sake. Should that deprive us of the right to comment on the current state of the industry? I don't think so.

But seriously, look at this piece of crap.

So I guess we should, in some way, codify what sort of blog we really are. Whenever we get together, we play Bushido Blade; a 13-year-old game. We frequently enjoy games of co-op Splinter Cell or Brothers in Arms - on the original Xbox. For light relief we crack out either of  the DS' Advance Wars - that's at least three years old, yet still one of the most recent things we've enjoyed. New Super Mario Bros. Wii was THE most recent thing - a sequel to a 2D franchise with every part of it likely possible to run on an N64. Simply put - we, and what we enjoy, is not on the cutting edge, yet we have no drive to catch up.

On the basis of this, you could be forgiven for thinking this is how we look in real life. Not true: my frames are pink.

We're happy. We could want more, but we're happy. Sure, Ocarina of Time is gonna look sweet in 3D, but we can wait. The Kinect looks fun, but we wouldn't spend money for it. Move would be awesome, if it had been the first thing we'd seen immediately following release as POW in an Eastern bloc state 20 years ago.

So, here's the end of the matter - TCFTD is a bloated, over-indulgent, behind-the-curve mishmash of whatever we find interesting; outdated culture and concepts, and very selective awareness of current events. Nothing wrong with that. It's not like anyone's reading this.

N.B.: Oh, also, we have no money. Nothing. Which doesn't help.

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