Squad Tactics: Ones All Over The Place

by Indiana… on Tuesday, 5 July 2011

With many of you lovely people reading the positive reviews of indie hit Frozen Synapse, we have seen a gigantic upsurge in the numbers of people playing. As such this is the fifth in a series of guides to get you new players up to speed with tactics and strategies that people who have been playing since the beta regularly employ.

So you've got your strategy, you have your unit knowledge, you even know how to clear rooms effectively and you still feel you are suffering unduely…well here is a collection of assorted tips that might just make the difference.

  • Ducking behind cover can save you from a grenade explosion, assuming you can't draw a straight line from the nexus of the explosion to your vatform with out hitting cover.

  • If your rocket ducks before he fires he can hit cover

  • If you are going to lose a fire fight set your unit to ignore the opponent and you can disengage.

  • Use continue on sight to prevent your units getting shot down in the open

  • Stay out of sight, the less information your opponent has about where you are the less able they are to formulate plans against you—in dark mode atleast

  • Play other modes, try modes like charge for a change of pace and tactic. If you are feeling particularly adventurous why not try games that are all one unit or even simply one long turn, the lessons you learn here will bring perspective to your more mundane games.

  • CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. If you have started playing after the beta you may not realise how much of a god send this one feature is, it really comes into its own turning corners and entering rooms.

  • Don't give up, even if you can only manage a draw it is still classed as a win on your score sheet—you just get no points. So it is well worth playing to the bitter end, indeed many players get sloppy once they think they have won so you may even be able to turn the tables on them.

  • Have fun; enjoy what is best in life, see your friends fall before you and hear the lamentation of their vatforms…and in the game

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