Thoughts From The Front #1 The Good, The Bad, The Average and The Unique

by Indiana… on Sunday, 10 July 2011

There are plenty of sites compiling the best of whatever any particular niche or sub genre has turned over this week. But here at TCFTD we often find ourselves regularly reading these posts in the first place for the comments. So without further ado we present the best in the weeks funny, dissident opinions: line them up, laugh at them, take them out back and have them quietly shot.

So let's start as we mean to continue, with wild non-sequiturs:

"To be fair, working for Metacritic is probably not a non-stop orgy." We admire the honesty, we really do, but if any one from Metacritic is reading consider this our applications canceled.

"I must say it’s always quite nice to be recognized as a human being." And that is why here at TCFTD we have just ratified the working hours directive, so Rathe can only be beaten 40 times a week and can choose his hours…as long as they begin at 9 and end with a sound beating.

But for all of you out there looking to go into in marketing, a word from the wise "To choose to go into marketing from the outset… is just… wrong. After all you can’t effectively crush other peoples dreams until your own have been crushed—and that is an essential skill for any would be marketing exec."

"Someone had to ask: how can I gobble a gooble? Or the other way around?" For the artistic tendency is not expansive, but a contraction. And art is the apotheosis of solitude; there is no gobble because there are no vehicles of gooble.…yeah. I am not quite sure on this one either.

"Sickening and jarring…a bit like being assaulted by a Mac" No it is not a review of TCFTD, and like games it may not even be art but we are damned if this isn't a crime we are determined to stamp out at TCFTD. ATTICA, ATTICA!

"Suicide is fundamentally an act of optimism, it believes that death might make things better. For this reason, it is a mistake." So if you don't see us next week campers, we may just have developed a streak of optimism…but cheer up it might never happen.

And on that note “MARCH OF TIME INEVITABLE, THINGS TO CHANGE, FEW INTERESTED.”, so stay apathetic readers…optimism—like life—kills.

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